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Competition, 1st place




FEDA Student’s National Competition 2012/2013 “ Bridge to the future “
AinShams University & Remal Foundation for Urban

The geometry is geo- simulated to retrive to the future development bu suind technolo- gy elemnt . the world is globally connected via satellites for infrormateion knowledge exchanges through information network organizations . the trend nowadays in all countries is the emphasis on the interactivi- ty between physical and digital worlds . and towards sustainability by using natural re- sources to conduct energies to be used in thh building and increase energy efficiency . how it is achieved in our design ? 1- using glass as a primenent materials at the bridge structure .using screen dis- play units for interactivity between us- ers and information networks . sensors to wards the displayed infromation and in- teractivity with it . augmented reality . 2- using leed lights a the shade structure roofs and photovoltaic cells as a solar col- lectors to achieve sustainability trend . 3- using glas panel floors at the bridge floor for interactivity between users and water .

Team :
Mohsen Merdash | Mohamed A Zayed | Sara Atya | Yara M Amer | Amal m fathy | Mohamed Al Gohary


Alexandria, Egypt
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