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Safaga, Red Sea, Egypt


The project represents a completely new development along the coast of the Safaga which is considered a seri- ous attempt to shape the future of “identity” to the city. The client for Namma shipping compound provid- ed an open brief to build a prototype devel- opment of residences for the company’s em- ployees in Safaga. The architect’s response to this site of natural beauty was to create an inspiring and exemplary model of responsible compound, modeled in small scale residences of low density, and in- tegrated with the envi- ronment to bring residents into closer contact with their natural surroundings. The concept is to create a pleasant space that people may live, gather and share experience willingly, providing variant residences for employees of the company or guests to rent. Since the land has no relief and had few planning possibili- ties, the designers wanted to take advantage of the site desert properties to totally fit in place amidst the horizontal lines of the site and surroundings in order to make the most of the immediate environment and create sufficient interest- ing desert type landscape.

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