Architect and Computational designer, with multidisciplinary interests ranging from Generative Design, Digital Fabrication to Robotic Automation and Machine Learning.

 Born: Oct 1991 Egypt


2015 – 2016 | MSc Adaptive Architecture and Computation The Bartlett, University College London (UCL)


2008 – 2013 | Bachelor of Architecture Alexandria University, Faculty of Fine Arts

[Excellent with honors ]


2020 – Present| Architectural Assistant II/Computational Designer   Foster+Partners, London

2018 – 2020| Research Associate   University of Kassel, Germany

2016 – 2018| Assistant Lecturer   Alexandria University, Egypt

2016 – 2018| Architect    ENCODE Studio, Egypt

2014 – 2015 | Teaching Assistant  Alexandria University, Egypt

2013 – 2015 | Junior Architect & Researcher ENCODE Studio, Egypt

2012 – 2013 | Internship ENCODE Studio, Egypt


[J] Journal

[C] Conference

Dawod, M., & Hanna, S. (2019). BIM-assisted object recognition for the on-site autonomous robotic assembly of discrete structures. Construction Robotics, Springer. https://doi.org/10.1007/s41693-019-00021-9 [J]

Dawod M. et al. (2020) Continuous Timber Fibre Placement – Towards the Design and Robotic Fabrication of High-Resolution Timber Structures. In Design Modelling Symposium Berlin (pp. 460-473). Springer, Cham. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-030-29829-6_36[C]

Akbar Z., Deetman A., Dawod M., et al. (2018) Robotic Wood Printing: A Topology Optimized High-Resolution Monofilament Structure [Abstract]. InnoChain International Conference. [C]


Scholarship 2015 | Qalaa Holdings Scholarship for Masters Studies 2015-2016

3rd Prize       2013 |Rialto Architectural Design Contest

1 st Prize      2013 | Bridge To The Future Competition FEDA Student’s National Competition

Scholarship 2012 | Hyber Space dB Workshop AA London Visiting School, Alexandria 

Scholarship 2011 | Advanced Arcitectural Geometry  Special School at Vienna TU, Austria

1 st Prize      2011 | How to Zellij a Lemon  ARAB region Student’s Computational Competition


[T] Tutor

[P] participant

[S] Speaker

[D] Designer

Design Modelling Symposium 2019 ,  University of the Arts Berlin | Berlin, 2019 [S]

Robotic Wood Printing Workshop,  Design Modelling Symposium 2019 | Berlin, 2019 [T]

Construction-Aware Design Workshop,  Visual Computing Center, KAUST | KSA, 2019 [S]

InnoChain International Conference, Danish Architecture Centre Blox | Copenhagen, 2018 [S]

Innochain Robotic Workshop, The Bartlett School of Architecture | London, 2016 [P]

Press & Play Workshop, The Bartlett School of Architecture | London, 2015 [P]

 Archiprix International Workshop, The ETSAM | Madrid, 2015 [P]

 SANDWORKS Workshop, ENSAPM(france)& AUC(Cairo)&FFAA(Alexandria) | AUC Cairo, 2015  [T]

/PARALLEL //Exhibition at Le Marché XXXV, ENCODE Studio | Cairo, 2014 [D]

CODE JAM; series of computational design workshops,ENCODE Studio | Alexandria, 2014 [T]

 [We Aren’t Asking for MUCH] StartingUrban Community Page on Facebook | Alexandria, 2014 [D]

Modelling Urban Energy Flows Workshop, Bibliotheca Alexandrina | Alexandria, 2013 [P]

Urban Design Workshop 2, German- Middle East Cooperation in Urban Design- DAAD | Germany, 2013 [P]

Architectural Video Mapping Workshop, International Augmented Med[ IAM]. | Alexandria, 2013 [P]

Urban Minorities Workshop, German- Middle EastCooperation in Urban Design-DAAD | Alexandria, 2013 [P]

Urban Design Workshop 1, German- Middle EastCooperation in Urban Design-DAAD | Alexandria, 2012 [P]

AA London Visiting School-Hyber Space dB”, Bibliotheca Alexandrina. | Alexandria, 2012 [P]

ORNAMATICS* Exhibition, [Generative design, fabrication of designs and assembly] | Alexandria, 2012 [P]

New Urban Topologies Workshop, The Swedish Institute and Färgfabriken | Alexandria, 2012. [P]

Advanced Architectural Geometry Workshop, Vienna Technical University | Vienna, 2013 [P]

ConstructionAwareDesignWorkshop, the American University in Cairo | Cairo, 2011 [P]

ICE CUBE Workshop, [Generative design, fabrication of designs and assembly] | Alexandria, 2012 [P]

GenerativeArchitectureDesignWorkshop, Faculty of Finearts | Alexandria, 2009 [P]

  • Mohamed dawod