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Academic |2rd Year Project




Alexandria, Egypt


In specific day each year , the Sun rays draw shapes and symbols to simulate the revolution story specially, specially in the 25th Jan & 11th Feb.  Symbolises the 25 Jan.revolution martyrs and heroes who broke through all the obstacles,injustice and wrote their names with light of the sun on our free land.
The Mubarak government extended a series of policies”The regime supported laws and actions” that sharply limited Egyptians’ access to public space — to places where citizens could congregate, meet, talk, interact The January 25th Revolution has had a dramatic, immediate effect on how Egyptians occupy Cairo and interact with one another.And provided powerful evidence that the virtual world is not enough. in the course of several historic days in Tahrir Square it became decisively clear that the occupation of physical urban space was, and continues to be, crucial to the success and continuity of the revolution. Tahrir Square had come to symbolize the failure of the urban planning policies carried out during the three-decade rule of Hosni Mubarak.

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